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Custom & DIY Gaskets...

J&M Gaskets & Seals can supply custom gaskets to order, or a variety of suitable gasket materials to allow DIY gasket making for special applications.

J&M Gaskets & Seals can supply exactly the type of gasket material that you require for making your own gaskets to suit a gasket application when the original gaskets are no longer available. The process of creating your own special custom gaskets using the correct or improved modern specification of gasket material is particularly useful for replacement gaskets used in:

classic cars, vintage cars, vintage motorcycles, vintage commercial vehicles and vintage steam engine applications, such as traction engines, steam rollers, steam locomotives and stationary steam engines.

If you require more detailed information about gasket types, visit our Help page.

Although we are able to supply a vast array of gasket materials covering almost any type of sealing property, below we have compiled a list of the most commonly used asbestos free gasket sealing materials. This list is designed to provide a full range of gasket sealing capabilities, particularly in the automotive industry.

You will see that each specific gasket material property is listed below, thus enabling you to determine which one is most suitable for your application.

If unsure, please feel free to contact us with your specific gasket application requirements, and we will be happy to advise you on which gasket material best suits your needs. We also stock gasket materials suitable for use where high pressure or chemical contact is an issue.

For all your gasket sealing needs just contact us with your application requirements, and one of our experienced team will be able to advise you on which gasket material is best suited to your exact needs.

The gasket material sheet sizes listed below have been developed over a period of time, and have proved to be the sizes most practical for the end user, in both small and large jobs.

We are able to offer larger sheets of gasket material if required.

Once again, just contact us with your requirement and we will do our best to help.

Gasket Material Properties

General Purpose Oil Resistant Paper

A low cost resilient gasket material suitable for temperatures up to 120 degrees centigrade.

Material has poor dimensional stability if stored over long periods of time.

Available in thicknesses 0.25mm(0.010"), 0.4mm(1/64"), 0.8mm(1/32"), 1.0mm, 1.5mm(1/16")

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Controlled Swell Beater Jointing

A good quality cellulose based gasket material with good resistance to oils, fuels and water/glycol for temperatures up to 140 degrees centigrade.

Controlled swell characteristics make this material ideally suited for use on older, distorted flanges or where bolt load is low.

Available in thicknesses 0.4mm(1/64"), 0.5mm, 0.8mm(1/32"), 1.0mm

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